Is There A Discount Or Coupon Code Available For Text Your Ex Back By Michael Fiore?

If you’ve done any searching online in the past 5 years for ways to get your ex back, then you’ve probably come across Text Your Ex Back by Mike Fiore.  If you haven’t, then stop what you’re doing immediately and go check it out.   Seriously, it’s a huge help and gets my 5 star seal of approval.

I’ve been asked a few times if there’s a discount code or coupon available for Text Your Ex Back, so I thought I’d write up a quick blog post to answer that question.

The short answer is, “No.”  Michael Fiore does not currently offer any kind of Text Your Ex Back discount.

Now that might be confusing for some of you because you’ve probably seen ads on Google or ads on other websites claiming discounts.  Let me show you what I mean…

Here are search ads from Google:

Text Your Ex Back Discount Scam

See the 2 ads claiming discounts.  One claims 70% off and the other claims 80% off.

This is nothing but lies, lies, lies, lies, LIES!  And here’s why…

The price for Text Your Ex Back is ALWAYS the same.  It’s $47 for lifetime access to the program.  The only place you can purchase the program is through the official website.

These so called “discounts” are nothing more than marketing ploys and outright lies by scammy affiliates to make it sound like you’re getting a better deal buying from their website.  But guess what, their link takes you to the official website and the price is the exact same price everyone else pays for the program – $47.

I have no problem with “affiliates” (hell, I’m one myself).  But I do have a problem with dishonest or scammy affiliates that do this kind of crap to try and trick consumers.

Let’s explore this whole discount thing further…

So click on one of those ads and you’ll probably see something like this….

Text Your Ex Back Coupon 80% Off

See what they did there?  “Regular price $235, but today only $47.” (At least their math is correct…80% off of 235 does = $47.)

They falsely inflate the price to whatever they want, and then make you feel like you’re getting a huge discount by buying the program through their website.

Hey, $47!  What a steal!  Just so happens that’s the same price you’ll pay through this link.  But since you’re here, I’m going to make you a better deal.

See, on my website, right here – right now, the normal price of the program is $4700.  But TODAY ONLY I’m going to give you a 99% discount.  That’s $4653 off the purchase price, so you can pick it up for just $47.  Now THAT’s a steal!  I can see you getting SUPER EXCITED!!!!!

UGH! Ok, enough sarcasm…

Anyway, it really is a good program if you want to get your ex back.  Just know that whether you go through a website that claims to have a Text Your Ex Back discount or not, the price you pay is $47 – the same price everyone else pays.

Hopefully that helps clear things up!

Charles Reed

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